Math 25: College Trigonometry

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At College of the Redwoods, Math 25 is the course number for our College Trigonometry course. College Trigonometry is a transfer-level math course needed for preparation for the calculus series (Math 50A-B-C). Math 30 (College Algebra) and Math 25 together constitute what is often referred to as "Precalculus". Most students take Math 30 before Math 25, but these two courses may be taken in either order or at the same time.

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in Math 120 (Intermediate Algebra) or equivalent, or an appropriate score on the math placement exam.

Course Description: A study of trigonometric functions, radian measure, solution of right triangles, graphs of the trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations, laws of sines and cosines, solution of oblique triangles, polar coordinates, complex numbers in trigonometric form, De Moivre’s theorem, and conic sections.

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