Math 30: College Algebra

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Course Description

At College of the Redwoods, Math 30 is the course number for our College Algebra course. College Algebra is a transfer-level math course needed for preparation for the calculus series (Math 50A-B-C). Math 30 and Math 25 (Trigonometry) together constitute what is often referred to as "Precalculus". Most students take Math 30 before Math 25, but these two courses may be taken in either order or at the same time.

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in Math 120 (Intermediate Algebra) or equivalent, or an appropriate score on the math placement exam.

Course Description: A course covering first-degree and absolute value equations and inequalities;composite and inverse functions;polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; systems of equations and inequalities; matrices; sequences and series; mathematical induction; binomial expansion theorem; and complex numbers.


The current textbook for the course is Algebra and Trigonometry (7th edition), by Sullivan, published by Prentice Hall, ISBN #0131430734.

This book can be used for both Math 30 and Math 25.

A limited number of textbooks are available on loan from the library. The textbook can also be purchased very inexpensively from various online book sellers.

Alternate version of the textbook: You can purchase the 8th edition instead (ISBN #0132329034). The 8th edition can also be purchased very inexpensively from various online book sellers. Note: Do not purchase the textbook from the CR bookstore — you will pay 10 times the price at the bookstore. Also, do not purchase the 9th edition. Study Guidelines will not be provided for the 9th edition.

Textbook Support

Correlation Guides. Because two editions of the textook can be used in the class, we've published correlation guides for sections and exercises.

Recommended Ancillaries. A solutions manual and accompanying support CD are also available:

Graphing Calculator

Students are required to use a graphing calculator in the Math 120 course. Indeed, one of the student learning outcomes for the course is: Students should be able to use graphs and the graphing calculator to explore mathematical concepts and to verify their work. At the end of the course, students should be able to:

Graphing Calculator Rentals: Students can rent a calculator for the semester for $20. Instructions are available at the following link:

Graphing Calculator Rental Program

Help for using the graphing calculator is available.

Online Practice and Testing in Mathematics (OPTIMATH)

OPTIMATH is our locally-developed online practice and testing system. The portal for OPTIMATH is:

There are numerous resources to assist students and instructors.

Further Student Resources

Here is a list of student resources that are helpful to student success:

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