Math Lab: Math Lab (credit)

At College of the Redwoods, the Math Lab course is for students who are also enrolled in a credit mathematics course. The information on this page is designed for use by a number of constituencies:

Be sure to visit this page often, as there may be updates to the information provided.

Student Information and Help Resources

What is the Math Lab course?
The Math Lab course is a variable-unit, repeatable (up to four times), credit/no credit course that allows students access to various help resources. These resources include:

Note: A non-credit version of Math Lab is also available. The non-credit Math Lab course number is Math 252. See the Math Lab (non-credit) page for more details.

What are the minimum requirements to receive credit for the Math Lab?

Where is the Math Lab, and when is it open?

How do I enroll in Math Lab?

  1. You must register for the Math Lab course that corresponds to the mathematics course you are enrolled in. In most cases, the Math Lab course number is the same as the mathematics course you are enrolled in, followed by the letter "L".
    • Math 380 students enroll in Math 380L.
    • Math 120 students enroll in Math 120L.
    • Math 5 students enroll in Math 5L.
    • Math 15 students enroll in Math 15L.
    • Math 30 students enroll in Math 30L.
    • Math 25 students enroll in Math 25L.
    • Math 50A, 50B, 50C, 45, 4, and 55 students enroll in Math 52.
  2. First register for the course via WebAdvisor or by visiting the Admissions and Records Office.
  3. Then go to the Math Lab and meet with the lab coordinator or the mathematics instructor who is working there. You will need to fill out a Math Lab contract so that your information can be entered into the computer time-tracking system. Also, you must read the Math Lab rules and policies.
  4. On every subsequent visit to the lab, remember to log in on the Math Lab computer, and log out when you leave.
Note: This course is open enrollment, which means that you can add the course rather late in the semester, or increase from 0.5 credits to 1 credit.

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